to visually inspire the spirit and awaken the collective consciousness through art.

It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to convey myself in a linear fashion though words. So I figure if I just start things will start to flow.

I’ve found myself to have a different face to everyone I meet. I see and unsee how our bodies and celestial bodies are all dictated by an electromagetic field outside of our conscious awareness, perhaps divine in nature. We simply watch the play unfold, so what is free will? That would be the present moment. I find myself rehashing and uncovering the depths of my own karmic beginnings, much in my family and friends. I find myself to see the truth in all situations (subjectively-chronologically impermanently) however always present. I find myself to receive much psychic energy from all surroundings, increasingly sensitive to what I receive from other beings. I find myself wondering if it is a reflection of my own vibrational refinement or am I receiving the signals of the internal ascension process of those around me? If I’ve learned anything it’s probably both. I find my own physical existence to fall into the role of the pisces significantly, always floating in another dimension. Or is this all of us? I have much of a messiah complex, however to understand each of our own experiences on this planet and becoming aware of our own evolution of consciousness that is occurring every moment. I find myself to be the ethers in which the universe reacts upon, sensitive being describes it fairly precisely. I pick up psychic energy and debris from those around me, with or without my conscious willingness to engage. I find myself unlearning unworthiness, and I find myself increasingly compassionate to the world. I find myself increasingly irritated by the role I seem to play in much of my surroundings, this society that slaves for materialistic fulfillment and a mislead dreams. But all are trying as hard as physiologically possible, like myself, for that is what ties this whole play together. I find myself to simply be my breath, for when that leaves I will be elsewhere. I do not understand much, but I know that I am not obligated to. I know that I have all that I need at all given moments within my vibrational blueprint, beneath any physical manifestion of anything. I am free and boundless, awareness untouched. I am the archetypes and I am my longing. I am attachment and I am willingness to relinquish that which may hold me back. I am God and I am the Devil (projections of the misunderstood and a fear to dive inward). I believe the universe reacts upon your consciousness the way that our bodies do our mind and intentions. (But do we really control our thinking?) every signal is an electromagnetic impulse flowing freely in our mind, to hold ourselves against our own societally created sense of duality is imprisonment. There is a spiritual ego and an ego created through fear, arguably there is no difference. To know our true selves is to understand freedom. The abyss is a feather bed, and we’re all preparing for a jump that’s already occurred. 

Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is, I am not. Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?

Epicurus (via mancerayder)